BioGuard Pool Tonic- Removes Phosphates

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Pickup currently unavailable at The Spa Team Store (aka The Pool Team) in Appleton, WI


BioGuard Pool Tonic - Removes Phosphates and 10 other contaminants

Pool Tonic blend of phosphate removers and clarifiers remedies a sick pool that has become cloudy, hazy or just plain dull. Pool Tonic attaches itself to phosphate and other common contaminants, making them easier to filter.

  • One bottle treats 20,000 gallons.
  • Pool Tonic will remove 1,000ppb of orthophosphate and at least 10 other contaminants.
  • Pool Tonic is here to help! In addition to phosphates, Pool Tonic removes: Rain Pollution, Pollen, Dirt, Dust, Skin Oils, Greases, Lotions, Hair Gel, Hair Spray & Pet Dander. Directions for application are included.  

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